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If you’re referring to Elementor, a popular drag-and-drop page builder plugin for WordPress, here are the steps to get started:


Log in to your WordPress dashboard, go to “Plugins,” click on “Add New,” search for “Elementor,” and click “Install” and then “Activate.”

2. Create a New Page:

In your WordPress dashboard, go to “Pages” and click on “Add New” to create a new page where you’ll be using Elementor PL.

3. Launch Elementor Plugin:

After creating a new page, you’ll see an “Edit with Elementor” button. Click on it to launch the Elementor editor.

4. Choose a Template (Optional):

Elementor offers pre-designed templates that you can use as a starting point. You can choose a template from the Elementor library or start from scratch.

5. Customize the Layout and Design:

In the Elementor editor, you’ll see a sidebar with various elements/widgets on the left-hand side. Drag and drop elements onto the canvas to build your page layout. You can customize each element by adjusting settings in the sidebar or using the editing options that appear when you select an element.

6. Edit Content:

Double-click on any text element to edit the content. Elementor provides a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, making it easy to format text, add links, and perform basic formatting tasks.

7. Configure Advanced Settings:

Elementor offers advanced settings such as margins, padding, responsiveness, and animations. You can fine-tune these settings to ensure your page looks and functions as desired.

8. Preview and Publish:

Use the preview button to see how your page looks in action. Once you’re satisfied, click “Publish” to make your page live on your website.

Remember to save your changes regularly and update your page as needed. Elementor provides extensive documentation and tutorials on their website to help you master the tool and make the most of its features.


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